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April 1, 2009, 3:03 am
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Seriously!!! Wow!!! Really!!!
December 6, 2008, 4:13 am
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That kinda sums it up……………………….

It’s A Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
September 5, 2008, 5:05 am
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As you can tell by all the exclamation points, I’m very excited. Oh my goodness was that a huge moment. The stenographer saying “It’s A Girl”.  We will have are complete family.  Mommy, Daddy, Son, and Daughter.  It’s excitement all over again from when hearing “It’s A Boy” . The sono appointment was really great.  I was on the edge of my seat the hole time and yes I did tear up.  Go ahead say it “I’m such a baby”.  With all the sono appointmentsthat we had with Adam and the couple we have had with our little girl,  I have been able to see more and more of what is going on. I kinda understand what I am looking at and what I am looking for.  She was moving around ALOT.  It is very precious that today’s technology gives us the ability to see what we can.  The Stenographer was very extensive and that was also great.  They reassured us that everything looked great. No problems that could be seen.  The baby was moving around so much that the stenographer was having to move around alot to find the measurements of what she was looking for. 

I can’ wait to hold her.  I can’t wait to see her.  I can’t wait for Adam to see her.  I can’t wait for Christina to see her little girl.  We have been telling Adam about the baby alot.  Showing him Mama’s belly and saying baby.  Adam is already wrapped around my finger and so is she and she’s not even born yet.  I was thinking today – it’s September, if you think about it as fast as time is flying these days, we only have about 4 months and she will be here.  That’s not very far away. Can’t wait!  Delivery date is Jan 15-16, but they will want to take her two weeks early.  That could mean sometime around New Years.

We have our vacation in less than a month – actually we leave in 23 days.  Can’t wait.  It’s going to be a fun one.  We have something to do every weekend up to that point.   It’s is a very busy September. 

In other news we went to church for the first time last Sunday as a family and will continue.  Adam was really good and I fully enjoyed it.  Our next step is Adam’s Baptism.  That will likely be in the month of October.  We have to attend a class and then we can actually have the baptism.  I really want him to be baptised in the church were Christina and me were married.  That is very special to me.  This has needed to be done for a long time.  We had hope to get it done before the trip, but don’t have enough time to work around the churches schedule.  So we will make it a point to see the priest for a prayer for all of us on our long trip.

This month is our 9 year wedding anniversary.  September 25th to be exact.  So next year we are already talking about renewing our vowels and of course I would like to do it in the same church.  That’s a year away so well have to keep you posted on the happenings.

I just happen to lean back in my chair to rest my eyes and hands because I am trying to do 3 things at once.  Work stuff, Blog, and download some more music, and happened to look up and I had a friendly reminder.  “Family all because two people fell in love”.  If you recall from my very first blog entry, that is how it all started.  This means even more to me now with our new little girl that couldn’t be here soon enough.

Pink and Blue here we come(I’m gonna need another job).

August 8, 2008, 4:06 am
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Oh My, I never knew what it felt like to get off so early!  4:30 is early for me.  I beat my wife home!  I also picked up Adam and still beat her home.  We went to Kid 2 kid (a new one in Valley Ranch) and bought a few items for Adam, took the long way home through Coppell and wound up eating dinner at Coppell Deli, all before 7:30.  It felt great to have a lot more time with Christina and Adam today.  We pulled into our apartments around 7:45 and I made the comment that I was leaving work the last few days around that time. 

Oh Yea and for those of you that don’t know what Coppell Deli is.  It’s some good stuff (at least I think so).  Hamburgers and some artery clogging stuff that I eat.  I had something called a Nate Deluxe, I believe.  It is named after Nate Newton who previously was an offensive lineman for the Cowboys.  So If you can visualize this sandwich that was invented by an over 300 pound guy.  BUT I thought it was good.  I believe it had two eggs, 4 slices of bacon, a sausage patty, cheese, lettuce, and tomato on wheat.  Couldn’t have been healthy but sure was good.  It had lettuce and tomato though,  so that had to mean something.  The deli does have some other good stuff.  I consider it a great hole in the wall to visit when in the area.  MMMMM………MMMMM……. GOOD!

I have to totally agree with Christina and say THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME TOO!

I can’t find out soon enough what our next child will be.  Before Adam was born, we were all new to this stuff and didn’t know what to expect.  Now we know the routines and what’s next and things can’t happen soon enough.  We have an OB appointment tomorrow 8/8 and maybe just maybe she can take a look and see something or maybe not see something.  I know, it’s too early you say, but can she still take a look anyways.  I’ll wait till next month if I have to, but could she take a look anyways.  Maybe we can talk her into it.   I know it’s too early.  Christina will be around 17 weeks and around 20 weeks is the right time to take a look at determining the sex of the baby.  She could still take a look though,  right???  I’m anxious to know.  If you couldn’t tell.  I’m ready to begin making plans and getting the ball rolling on plans of attack – boy stuff or girl stuff.  2 boys would be cool.  We can have a lot of boy outings, getting into boy stuff.  A girl would be special also.  She would probably grow up as a tomboy anyways. 

Adam is growing into his own little person.  His personality is very neat.  Tonight he had tons of cheesy smiles and some new facial expressions that were very cute and funny.  He’s quite the little character.

My mother finally responded to an email I wrote her 3 weeks ago.  I don’t think she still understands some of my frustrations.  I’m stuck.   I needed to do what I did, by writing her and letting her know my feelings, questions, and concerns that I had.  Now I’m stuck with what to do.  What’s my next move.  She closed her response by saying no more emails, that we needed to talk  from now on.  I agree BUT, I still haven’t called.  I do agree no more emails but who’s gonna make the next move.   I’ve still got some thinking to do.  Her email raises some more thinking and discussion for me.  We will see what happens with this soap opera.

This soap star is going to bed.  Later Peeps and pray for lots of four thirties or a new job with lots of four thirties!!!!!!

Counting the days
July 23, 2008, 3:36 am
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So I got a lot to look forward to this year.  My first thing on my mind is counting the days for our next little one.  I can’t wait until our 20 weeks sono appointment.  That is when we will find out the sex of the baby.  Hopefully the baby cooperates and the sonographer can get a good look.  The doctor appointments have been very, very well.  It is a lot different this time.  This time we are not having to frequent Parkland hospital.  With Adam neither of us had insurance in the beginning, so we had to have doctor appointments at Parkland.  Insurance is great!  Not that Parkland is bad, but INSURANCE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the first sono appointment the baby was measuring 7.07 centimeters and the heart rate was around 160 bpm.  They also took blood from Christina and ran test with that and the measurements of the sono.  We got great news with the results saying there was a 1 in 10,000 chance of the baby having down syndrome.  The nurse did say that was great results and I feel the same.  Below you can see one of the sono pictures.  The baby is laying with head on the left and then body to the right.

The next countdown is vacation!  I am ready.  Ready to get away.  It will be nice to see another part of the US that I haven’t seen before.  We have a lot planned in a short amount of time, but we have a plan for were we are going and what we are seeing.  We tried to see the van that we would be renting and that didn’t go so well.  First Susan got lost for about 15 minutes at DFW airport trying to find the rental car area.  Once she finally found us, we went in, and nothing.  We couldn’t see it.  But we do know that they rent only Dodge Caravans and Dodge Grande Caravans, No Chevy Uplanders is good news.  Our issue is going to be space.  We found out that the only difference, is the Grand Caravan has a foot more space of storage in the rear.  So of course we really, really want the Grand Caravan.  The only problem is they can not guarantee which one we will get.  They are not in the business to GUARANTEE what we get, only that we will get one of the two.  Strap me to the hood I’m ready to go.

I can actually say that I will have seen the Atlantic and Pacific ocean.  The farthest south I have been is Padre Island and the farthest north I have been is a about an hour north of Green Bay to a little town called Oconto, Wisconsin. 

We have a plan for saving money for the upcoming vacation and it’s in writing so it’s more likely for us to stick to it.  We are planning a garage sale with the Samson’s and maybe we can may some bucks then to.  I don’t know that the date for that yet, it is undecided yet.

It’s late and time to join my sleeping wife so I can get my beauty sleep.

June 15, 2008, 6:22 pm
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Ok, so straight to the point.  No introduction.  Let’s just get started on this Bloging. 

Christina has been telling me to do this blog thing and that it wasn’t just for her.  She say’s it is for both of us, and I believe her.  For me it is a little easier to write than to talk and this just might help me out.

As the title of this post states,  I am really in love with my family.  Yesteday, we were at a store and I seen this sign and it said” Family All Because Two People Fell In Love!”  and it was no questions asked,  I bought it.  It is now hanging on the wall in our living room.  I love that this is truelly how it all began.  Look at were we have been, were we are today,  and were we are headed for our future.

We started dating in 1995 and got engaged in 1998 and in September of 1999 our “Family” began.  Look at us now.  We have a wonderful 1 year, 1 month, and 4 day old(sorry, but had to be exact) little boy.  Christina and Adam are my life and we found out the day after Mother’s Day that we have another little one on the way.  I am lost for words.  I keep telling Adam that he’s a big brother to his big sister.  We would love to have a little girl, but yea know I said that before Adam was born also and now I wouldn’t have it any other way.  That’s my little boy, my little man, my mini me.  I absolutly love him.  I have so much fun playing with him.  I love being able to play ruff with him.  We have alot of time on the floor now that he is walking really well. He trys to run from one side of the living room and then fall on me,  then get up after laughing so much and do it all over again.  I fell like i’m playing fetch with him sometimes but he loves playing with a large ball with Nemo on it and also a large blue ball.  I, WE really have alot of fun.

I can’t wait for our next addition.  Boy or Girl, I really don’t think it matters to me.  I was on cloud 9 waiting for Adam to be born.    I’m there again. 

Today is Father’s Day.  Last year it was all new to me and I think this year means even more to me.  I have a little over a year of being a father under my belt, I Love It.  It means alot to me to be a great father to Adam and hope I can be in his learning young eyes.  I hope to lead him and our new little one on a great path of life.


To my family, I love you!